Lyndberry English Springer Spaniels

Amber 2 George 3

January - December 2017

Saturday 3 June 2017


Already it is June and due to Josh being seriously ill in February when he had an emergency operation for Bloat (stomach torsion) we have been unable to attend any shows.  It was a very worrying time but he has recovered well and hopefully later in the year he will be fit to attend some shows again.


46 SBD Lyndberry Lightning Star

Wednesday 6 September 2017


Wishing Rosie and her sister Daisy and brother Max a HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY.  Enjoy your day with lots of fun and treats.

Rosie 11 Years old

Tuesday 31 October 2017


HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY to Josh and his brother Alfie and sisters Poppy, Ruby and Darcey.  Have a fun day with plenty of treats.

Josh 8 years old

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Josh 05 (Jan2013) Rosie 01 (Jan2013)