Lyndberry English Springer Spaniels

Amber 2 George 3

Oct - Dec 2009

Friday 23 October

Today is the day that our website went 'live'.  Our main news is that we are waiting for Amber to have her puppies at the end of October.

Saturday 31 October

The day we have been waiting for Amber's puppies have arrived four girls and three boys, after delivering the first puppy it was nearly 2 hours before the next one arrived followed by three more all within 45 minutes, certainly kept us on our toes!  Mum and babies doing well.

The puppies are seven days old today and it has been a hectic week all round.  On Sunday Amber had a temperature which we think affected her milk supply, subsequently we have been helping out by bottle feeding the puppies.  Although we are both very tired, the puppies are doing fine and gaining weight.  Amber is a lot better now and her milk is starting to come back in, where she can then take over the feeding duties by herself!!

Saturday 7 November

Saturday 14 November

The puppies are now two weeks old, progressing well and gaining weight.  Over the last few days they are trying to walk/stumble around and today their eyes have started to open.

Saturday 21 November

Three weeks old and the puppies are still progressing well, they are all attempting to walk and their eyes are now open.  Yesterday they had 'real' food to taste/paddle in for the first time.

The last  couple of weeks have been spent occupied with looking after and playing with the puppies, they are now becoming interested in toys and interacting with each other.  Last weekend was spent meeting prospective owners and after Christmas the puppies should be going to some lovely homes.

Saturday 5 December

A very sad day we had to have our eldest dog Harry put to sleep at the age of 13 years, we will always have fond memories of him and he will be deeply missed.

Saturday 19 December

It doesn't seem possible that the puppies are eight weeks old and will be leaving to go to their new homes in the coming week.

Saturday 26 December

Today three puppies left for their new homes, first to leave was Lark now called 'Poppy', followed by Bronwen who is to be called 'Ruby' and the last to leave was Alex who is being called 'Alfie'.  We wish them all well and a long and enjoyable life with their new families.  

Monday 28 December

Today was the turn of Trixie to leave to go to her new home, she is to be called 'Henri' (Henrietta).  Before she left she curled up at her new owner's feet and fell fast asleep surely a good omen that she will bond well with them, we wish her well and an enjoyable life with her new family.

Tuesday 29 December